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This is part 1 of a 3 part series. This article is about Congress, the second and third will be about the other two branches.

Congress is 1 of the 3 branches in the United States government. It has a bicameral system, meaning having two branches or chambers. Those two…

Controversial, contested, and a never ending debate(literally). This is politics. Is it pointless? Or not? Well, lets argue both sides.

You see, “poli” a Latin-Greek originated word means “many”. “Tics”, means vicious blood-sucking creatures. So, many blood-sucking creatures, and those creatures are the politicians. Politics used to be about leading…

One of the most successful companies today, Apple and Microsoft are dominating the market alongside with Amazon. But, there was almost no Apple. Apple was crashing down in stocks and money, fired Steve Jobs, and their products were failure after failure. During the same time, Microsoft was enjoying their bitter…

Stocks have become a very popular source of income recently. Mostly because of easy online learning, and then trading. A short lesson for beginners, the fundamentals. You can buy a stock from a company, called a share. You now control and own that share of the company. The share you…

Music has no definition. Music cannot be explained. But, music does have a meaning and an affect. It helps us express our feelings, thoughts, and opinions on a certain topic. It explains something to someone. No matter who you are or where you are, it effects you. Music is the…

Running through forests and woods

Trading goods

Sailing seas

Headed for the Florida Keys

Crossing the Silk Road

With a heavy porcelain load

Running in valleys

Doing cheetah race-rallies


I keep them warm

Line, order, and form

I blaze and shine

Because of me, it’s all fine

I give them life

Hot and sharp as a knife

All the…

They whip me

They chain me

I want to be free

I prepare for a fight

Is it day or night

The people cheer

Knowing my end is near


Like most a debatable topic, but is it really? Our current education system can be solely described as useless. This is a global fact, and needs to be changed. Many people still believe college , universities, and complete schooling is needed for success. You don’t need to become some famous…

I flow day and night

My waves are tight

They throw rocks in me

I want to be free!

I have silt

I am roughly built

The sun reflects



Poem #1 of "The Poetry of Life"

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